Why Your Computer Can’t Just … – Brenda

Why Your Computer Can’t Just …

Ever been mad at your computer? I bet your rant eventually gets around to this fundamental question: Why can’t it just โ€ฆ ? In this talk, I’ll explore our collective progress towards Do What I Mean, enumerate the requirements and obstacles, and describe where I think our quest needs to go next.


Brenda grew up in Montana and hopes she remembers how to layer. She is into most things, including Smalltalk, usability, building things, and application security. Brenda is a co-founder and the lead developer for Trike (http://www.octotrike.org/), an open source threat modeling methodology and tool that partially automates the art of security analysis. By day, Brenda works as a security consultant for Stach & Liu, writing secure requirements, analyzing architecture security, and giving Agile and secure development advice.