Take a once in a lifetime journey to THE END OF THE WORLDTHE END OF THE WORLD

penguinsA select group of the top computer security specialists in the world will be embarking on one of the most extreme adventures ever conceived — The worlds first ever hacker conference in Antarctica.

Experience Antarctica on a 13-day Ice Breaker expedition cruise that passes through the Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. The cruise will be filled with computer security talks and hacking sessions on the 2 days to Antarctica and back and on the Antarctic tour you will encounter leopard seals, penguins, glaciers and icebergs with a world-class team of expert guides and lecturers that will provide context to the sites and bring alive the region’s remarkable natural history. You can also join a kayaking excursion to experience the Antartctic from another vantage point or follow in the footsteps of bold explorers and experience the majesty of Antarctica first hand with a camping excursion.

sponsorThis conference during this exclusive journey will be provided by ToorCon for FREE. Yes, we said FREE. All you need to do is book your ticket for the expedition and you will receive talks from some of the top experts in the computer security field as well as sponsored parties and dinners throughout the journey for FREE. We are relying solely on sponsor money to fund this conference so if your company is interested in one of the most unique sponsorship opportunities ever, please contact us.