Montessori Education for “Slum Dogs” – Amita

Montessori Education for “Slum Dogs”

Toorcon has generously donated laptops and funds over the past few years to Alpha School. This presentation is designed to share the amazing work that is being done in India under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

The school, founded in 2003, provides high quality, Montessori Education to children of an underprivileged community of East Delhi. The community mainly consists of low-wage-earner, labor class people such as vendors, painters and rickshaw drivers. Each family averages 5-8 members, with a combined family income of $1200 – $1500/ year. The parents of these children are illiterate. The basics of survival: food, shelter, and clothing are all they can manage to think about and provide. The education of their children is quite low on their priority list. Alpha School educates these children, who otherwise would have no opportunity in life. There are currently 60 children, ages 3- 11. One third of the children are on full scholarship and two thirds of the children are on partial scholarship, paying $5-$6/month. The impact that this education is making on these children and their families is nothing short of miraculous.


1980: Ph.D., Mol. Bio., UW, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
2006, E.C. Diploma, American Montessori Society, USA

1980 – 1992, Scientific Research, La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation and UCSD, La Jolla, CA
1993 – present, Managed accounts, Cut and Dried Hardwood, Solana Beach, CA, Owned and managed Trios Gallery, Solana Beach, CA, Currently, CFO, David Alan Collection, Solana Beach, CA

Project Develpment:
2004: Established education foundation to set up a NGO, Adhayatmic Vikas Shiksha Sanstha (AVSS) to start education for the underprivileged children in India
2005: Founded Alpha Montessori School in Delhi, India
2007: Founded IGNITE: A Foundation for Learning, a 501 (c) (3) to fund education AVSS.

Recent Award:
2010: Education Innovator Award, Lucknow, India
Hobbies: Cooking, knitting, beading, weaving, painting, reading, travel