DIY Solar Panels – Adam

DIY Solar Panels

I’ve been making solar panels for a few years for everything from charging cellphones (and other USB devices), attaching an array of panels to the roof of a cargo van, to sending power back to the grid at home. Many mistakes have been made, including melting traces off the cells, water getting inside the panel, and shattering the glass on a panel using my steering wheel. This talk will just be the basics of how to build your own panels, what you can do with them.


Founder of dc949, co-founder of Open Capture The Flag and ran that for 5 years. I’ve simply been interested in learning how things work, and helping others learn, and I found that the hacker community is a good fit. I’ve been interested in clean energy for quite some time, and enjoy experimenting with hacking together contraptions from random parts that I find lying around.